Stop Making These Slow Cooker Mistakes

Too much in the slow cooker spills out and prevents even cooking. Flavor can also change.

Overfilling The Slow Cooker

If this happens, you may have underfilled your slow cooker by half. Maintain a two-thirds fill.

Low-Filling Your Slow Cooker

Layering components incorrectly might produce uneven cooking. Starting with root veggies at the bottom will bring them closer to the slow cooker's heat.

Everything Into The Pot

Put denser ingredients at the bottom of the slow cooker and add enough liquid to cover.

Not Covering Meat

Around 30 minutes before cooking, add quick-cooking vegetables to the slow cooker. They'll be mushy and soggy if overcooked.

Equalizing All Vegetables

Any slow cooker liquid should cover the components. excessively much liquid in a recipe causes condensation as it cooks and drips back from the cover into the dish, making it excessively watery.

Add Too Much Liquid

Older slow cookers may not have a browning or sauté option. When browning meat on the stove or slow cooker, do so over high heat to enhance texture, color, and flavor.

Not Browning Meat Initially

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