“It’s Started” Shoplifting in NYC is up 60%, Stores Are Shutting Down and Permanently Leaving

Governor Hochul’s proposal of a $45 million effort to combat retail theft and property crime demonstrates a recognition of the problem’s magnitude.

Governor’s Response

The brazenness of shoplifters is evident in their audacious heists, with thieves making off with tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in broad daylight.

Brazen Heists

Even smaller establishments, essential to local communities, fall victim to relentless theft, jeopardizing the livelihoods of hardworking individuals and exacerbating food deserts in affected neighborhoods.

Impact on Small Businesses

Despite Governor Hochul’s proposed initiatives, including bolstering security measures and increasing penalties for selling stolen goods, skepticism remains about their ability to curb crime effectively

Critique of Proposed Solutions

Mayor Eric Adams, a former police officer, has been vocal about the detrimental impact of bail reform laws on rising crime rates, emphasizing the need for comprehensive reform to ensure the safety of all New Yorkers.

Mayor’s Concerns

As the debate rages on about the most effective strategies to combat retail theft, one thing remains clear: the status quo is untenable

Practical Measures Needed

People in the comments are appalled by these events: “Imagine working at one of the stores that left due to theft and knowing the reason you lost you job was the thieves.

Stealing Merchandise And Jobs

Some talk about their experiences in other states: “I was in Worcester Mass,  where I needed to get a special bolt,  When I entered the store You weren’t allowed to walk around the store.

No Walking In Stores

Ultimately, the collective efforts of lawmakers, law enforcement agencies, and community stakeholders are essential to stem the tide of retail theft and restore safety and security to New York City’s streets.

Collaborative Efforts