Air Fryer

Opinions are divided over whether an air fryer is worth the outlay, but many consumers are huge fans.

Digital Food Thermometer

Food safety is a priority in all kitchens, and this is an essential gadget for professionals.

Smart Toaster

Paying $300 for this appliance may seem extravagant, but this isn’t any old toaster.

Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are versatile pieces of equipment and adding other ingredients can make a whole meal.

Dehydration Equipment

Food dehydrators are mostly used in the food processing industry but are becoming increasingly popular among home chefs.

 Sous Vide

If you’ve ever watched any mainstream cooking programs, you’ve probably seen a sous vide.

Indoor Smokers

Before indoor appliances were created, you had to dig a pit, convert your garden shed, or buy a large outdoor smoker to smoke food.

 Automatic Pan Stirrer

Some dishes require constant stirring, and that dissuades me from making them. It’s also a complete pain in the arm.

Draft Beer Dispenser

Another clever, high-tech kitchen gadget can pour fresh beer like the drinks you enjoy at your favorite bar.

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