Certain types of rice, such as white, jasmine, wild, or basmati, will keep for years so long as no moisture can get to them.


There are a few things that manage to keep bacteria from ruining honey.

Instant Coffee

When kept dry and in the package, instant coffee, and even regular coffee, will last for a very long time.

Dried Beans

When kept away from bugs or moisture you can keep beans for a long time. They might lose their nutritional value, but they’ll remain edible.

Dry Pasta

Fresh pasta won’t last, but dry pasta can last for a very long time. Like many foods, if left in an area where moisture is a problem then they won’t last.

Canned Fish

The canned foods that people keep around for a long time don’t go bad in the traditional sense. They might lose flavor after a while, but they’ll still be enough to fill you up.

Maple Syrup

This is the perfect type of food since it can be kept indefinitely in the fridge if opened, and nearly forever in the freezer.

Hot Sauce

Depending on the type of hot sauce you like, you can keep it in the cupboard, the fridge, or the freezer. The point is, you can keep this stuff forever and it won’t go bad.

Powdered Milk

This stuff can last forever, which is one reason why people living decades ago kept so much of it. Well, that’s one reason at least since it was also cheaper and easier to keep than regular milk.

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