8 Worst Habits for Your Bones As You Age

Not getting enough calcium in your diet

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), calcium is a vital building block for your bones, and not getting enough can weaken them over time.

Consuming too much salt

Studies show that high sodium intake can lead to calcium loss from your bones, weakening them.

Not exercising regularly

Physical activity, especially weight-bearing exercises like walking or lifting weights, is crucial in building and maintaining bone density.

Sitting too much

A sedentary lifestyle can adversely affect bone health, reducing bone density and strength.

Drinking alcohol in excess

"Drinking excess alcohol blocks calcium absorption, which prevents the good minerals you consume from being absorbed, so your bones become weaker," explains Purdy.

Consuming too many carbonated beverages

Some studies suggest that the high levels of phosphoric acid in soda can increase calcium excretion from the body, potentially weakening bones over time and leading to fractures.

Smoking tobacco

A 2021 study revealed that the harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke can disrupt the normal processes of bone remodeling, leading to bone loss and fragility.

Not getting enough calories

"Not consuming enough calories can have its own set of complications because you have less bone mass as you age," says Purdy.

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