8 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Makes at a Steakhouse

Using the Wrong Utensils Improperly: Steakhouses typically provide a specific set of cutlery for different courses.

Seasoning Before Tasting: Automatically reaching for the salt or pepper before tasting your steak is considered impolite.

Cutting the Entire Steak at Once: Instead of slicing the entire steak at once, etiquette dictates that you should cut one piece at a time, eat it, and then proceed to cut the next.

Talking With Your Mouth Full: This applies to all dining situations but is especially noticeable in the quiet, intimate setting of a steakhouse. Always wait until you've swallowed your food before speaking.

Applying Steak Sauce Without Tasting: Similar to seasoning before tasting, slathering your steak with sauce before you've even tried it can be seen as an insult to the chef's preparation.

Ignoring the Dress Code: Many steakhouses have a dress code, ranging from business casual to formal. Ignoring this and dressing too casually can be disrespectful to the establishment and other diners.

Placing Personal Items on the Table: Keep your phone, keys, and purse off the table. Not only does it clutter the space, but it's also considered rude and can detract from the dining experience.

Being Rude to the Staff: Treating the waitstaff or any restaurant employees rudely is a significant faux pas. Always be polite and patient, even if issues arise. The way you treat the staff reflects on you as much as on your dining experience.

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