10 Places Most Likely to See Home Prices Plunge

Softening Demand and Affordability Issues: Experts predict a potential drop of 5-10% in home prices nationally, attributed to softening demand, economic uncertainty, and affordability challenges.

The housing market's outlook for 2024 indicates a complex landscape, with various factors influencing home prices, mortgage rates, and housing inventory.

Experts offer mixed predictions, reflecting the uncertainty and regional variability of the market.

Home prices in 2024 are expected to see a range of outcomes, from slight decreases to moderate increases, depending heavily on local market conditions, economic trends, and supply-demand dynamics.

Some experts suggest that national home prices could drop by 5-10% as demand softens, influenced by affordability challenges and economic uncertainties.

Others predict a rise in home values due to continued high demand and low supply, potentially driven down by easing mortgage rates later in the year​​​​​​.

Mortgage rates, a critical factor in determining home buying affordability, are anticipated to remain relatively high compared to the historically low rates seen in previous years.

Some projections suggest that rates could decline slowly throughout the year if the Federal Reserve adjusts its policy in response to changing economic conditions

possibly ending the year just below 6%. However, this aspect remains highly unpredictable, subject to inflation rates and broader economic policies​​​​.

Housing inventory might see a slight increase as some homeowners, who have been holding off selling

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