10 Clear Signs Someone is Ex-Military

Sleeping Through Anything

Discovering the art of sleeping through chaos is a hallmark of military life. Former tactical members joke about waking up only when it’s too quiet because that’s when something’s wrong.


USAA is like a badge of honor in the military community, extending even to family members. It’s not just about the financial services; it’s about being part of a community that understands the unique challenges of military life. And yes, it often leads to those “thinking of enlisting” chats.

An Affinity for Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re a testament to practicality, something deeply ingrained in military personnel.

Hating When People Thank Them for Their Service

The discomfort many veterans feel when thanked for their service is real. They appreciate the sentiment but often find it awkward, responding with humor like thanking people for their taxes to lighten the mood.

Divorced Before 25

The military lifestyle is notoriously tough on relationships, leading to jokes about how if the military wanted you to have a spouse, they would’ve issued one.

Telling Someone at 8:57 AM, “You’re Late” for a 9 AM Meeting

Military punctuality is another level. Being “on time” means being early, a habit that sticks with many veterans. This can lead to amusing situations in civilian life where the concept of being early as on time isn’t always shared.

Scarfing Down Any Food Very Quickly

Eating quickly is a skill honed out of necessity in the military, where mealtimes can be unpredictably cut short. Veterans bring this habit into civilian life, sometimes to the bemusement of their families who prefer to savor their meals.

Asking for a Veteran Discount

Veteran discounts are a small token of appreciation for their service, leading to lighthearted jokes about the lengths to which veterans or their families will go to save a bit of money on purchases, even if it’s just a few dollars at the hardware store.

Knees and Back Are Ruined

The physical toll of military service is no joke, with many veterans experiencing joint issues early in life. It’s a shared experience that bonds many in the community, even if it’s through commiserating about their aches and pains.

Using Acronyms That Literally Nobody Else Understands

Military jargon is a language of its own, and veterans often find themselves slipping into it in civilian life, causing confusion and amusing misunderstandings.

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