10 Boomer Health Hacks for Staying Active and Aging Gracefully

10 Boomer Health Hacks for Staying Active and Aging Gracefully

Improve Eyesight

We can improve our eye health in several ways, including having regular eye exams, protecting our eyes from UV radiation, and a healthy diet full of vitamins C, E, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Develop Muscle Mass

As we age, we lose a percentage of muscle mass each year — between three percent and five percent per decade on average, according to Harvard Health.

Keep Healthy Skin

Aging is perhaps most reflected in our skin’s appearance — especially our lips. When young, our lips have more natural volume.

Work on Flexibility

We don’t need any studies to show us how our bodies need constant action — sports lovers and gym nuts often become injured during periods of inactivity.

Get More Sleep

We all know someone who has experienced sleeplessness — or has raised children, which is even harder.

Reduce Your Body Mass Index

Metabolism dictates how easily we gain weight, according to how fast the body burns it off, and this naturally slows with each progressing year, especially after 50.

Lower Your Blood Sugar

In other sobering news for aging humans, diabetes risks increase as we age, namely for underweight and very obese people regardless of sex, according to an American Diabetes Association report.

Maintain Mental Dexterity

With three of my four deceased grandparents suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, one could say I am interested in keeping my mind agile.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ideal complement to good mental health and cognitive dexterity.

Active Financial Planning

A harmonious bank balance may be the best step toward achieving age-reducing inner harmony.

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