High Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) – 2nd Offense

If you are charged with a second-offense high BAC within 7 years of the first offense, you are facing much harsher penalties than the first offense. Expect the prosecutors to make your blood alcohol content a major topic of discussion.

Super Drunk Driving

Same as the first, a second offense high BAC charge is a misdemeanor. Although, the penalties will be more serious. This is always the case with OWI repeat offenders. If convicted of the second offense high BAC charge, your penalties / punishments may include up to one year in jail, 90 days of community service, a mandatory fine up to $1,000, possible vehicle immobilization, driver responsibility fees, and losing your driver’s license for one year. After one year, you’ll need to apply for a DAAD hearing to win back your privilege to drive (and there are no guarantees).

Although only a misdemeanor, a second offense high BAC charge is a very serious charge. If convicted, its repercussions could follow you for years to come. You should quickly retain a highly qualified defense lawyer to protect your rights and fight for you. If we’re unable to get the charges dropped, we will fight to minimize the damages this type of conviction can do to your reputation and career.

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