Prescription Medication Intoxication

It is well known that driving while under the influence of illegal street drugs is against the law in Michigan, although you may not be aware that the same laws apply to prescription medications. This means you can be charged with and convicted of OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) for driving under the influence of prescription medication(s), regardless of being prescribed by a licensed physician.

Prescription Medications

Most commonly, a police officer will do a chemical test (blood or urine) to determine if drugs are in your system. Even if this test shows that you are under the legal intoxication limit, the police officer can still charge you with visible impairment.

Prosecutors are quick in their pursuit to convict individuals even when taking medications as directed by a physician. If charged with OWI, OWVI, or OWPD related to prescription medication intoxication, make sure you contact a qualified substance abuse lawyer quickly to protect your rights.

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