Illegal or Street Drug Intoxication

It is against the law in Michigan to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of a Schedule 1 street drug or illicit substance. (Schedule 1 substances include Peyote, LSD, GHB, Marijuana, Ecstasy, and other drugs with a high potential for abuse / addiction)

Illegal Drugs

If caught with any amount of a Schedule 1 drug (or cocaine) ingested in their body (determined by chemical testing the urine or blood), individuals will face a charge of Operating With the Presence of Drugs (OWPD).

Furthermore, an individual may be charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs (OUID) if the chemical test reveals the presence of an illegal drug. However, in order to secure a conviction, prosecutors and/or police must prove you were impaired and driving in an unsafe manner.

When facing charges of DUI, DWI, OUID, OWI, OWPD, or OWVI, it is important to contact a qualified defense attorney immediately as the early stages of the investigation are critical. Our lawyers will work hard investigating the details of your case and fight to get your charge dismissed or reduced.

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