Michigan DUI Arrests Increase 20%

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Michigan law officers are ensuring more people who drive under the influence are put behind bars. Recent statistics have revealed Michigan State Police arrests have increased 20 percent from last year. Similar results are being reported by some sheriff departments as well.

Authorities believe that summer weather plays a significant factor in the increased results. When the sun shines, and temperatures rise, people are more like to crave a cool, refreshing drink.

The latest numbers from the Michigan State Police Gaylord post show a total of 35 DUI arrests between July and Labor Day in 2014, a number which they have already surpassed this year.

It is common for people to drink more in terms of quantity, and duration during the summer says Otsego Sheriff’s Department, which leads to more arrests. People often underestimate how much alcohol they’ve consumed over the course of an entire day, and make the mistake of driving under the influence.

State police contend that a large frequency of these arrest are people who have spent the day boating, consuming more alcohol than they are accustomed to, or take account of by the time they return to their vehicles.

There’s nothing wrong with spending a summer day drinking on a boat, but plan accordingly. Take responsibility and ensure somebody is sober to drive, or risk the safety of yourself and others.

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