6th Circuit Court – Pontiac

Address:1200 N Telegraph Rd
Pontiac, MI 48341
Adoption Services:248-858-0030
Adult Probation (Pontiac Office):248-858-0300
Adult Probation (Troy Office):248-655-1100
Adult Treatment Court:248-452-2154
Case Management:248-858-0350
Court Administrator:248-858-0344
Friend of the Court:248-858-0344
Guardianship/Adult & Minor:248-858-0260
Juror Recorded Message:248-858-0029
Jury Clerk:248-858-0029
Juvenile Information:248-858-0112
Juvenile Drug Treatment Court:248-452-2154
Juvenile Intake/Neglect & Delinquent:248-858-0033
Juvenile Probation (Pontiac Office):248-858-0112
Juvenile Probation (Troy Office):248-655-1200
Juvenile Reception/Court Desk:248-858-0061
Juvenile Traffic:248-858-0220
Personal Protection Orders/PPO Office:248-975-9511
Psychological Clinic:248-858-0065
Volunteer Program:248-858-0041
Youth Assistance:248-858-0051
Circuit Court Judges:Honorable Nanci J. Grant (Biography)
Honorable Rudy J. Nichols (Biography)
Honorable Colleen O'Brien (Biography)
Honorable Lisa Gorcyca (Biography)
Honorable Elizabeth Pezzetti (Biography)
Honorable Linda S. Hallmark (Biography)
Honorable James M. Alexander (Biography)
Honorable Martha D. Anderson (Biography)
Honorable Leo Bowman (Biography)
Honorable Rae Lee Chabot (Biography)
Honorable Shalina Kumar (Biography)
Honorable Denise Langford Morris (Biography)
Honorable Phyllis C. McMillen (Biography)
Honorable Daniel Patrick O'Brien (Biography)
Honorable Wendy Potts (Biography)
Honorable Michael Warren (Biography)
Honorable Lisa Langton (Biography)
Honorable Cheryl A. Matthews (Biography)
Honorable Karen McDonald (Biography)
Honorable Joan E. Young (Biography)
Honorable Mary Ellen Brennan (Biography)
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